25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (2023)

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With summer nearing, there’s something about bees that says summer! Flowers and bees and warm sunny days, these bee crafts for kids are bright and cheery and so summery!

It’s the perfect time to make ALL the bee crafts. 🙂

Here you will find loads of bee craft ideas…. crafts for toddlers and preschoolers, paper plate bee crafts, 3D bee crafts, simple bee crafts to more complex….the list goes on and on and you are sure to find something that suits you! They are great projects for kids to do together or a fun diy for a family fun night. Happy browsing!

Bee Crafts for Kids

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You might ask:

  • How do preschoolers make bees?

Preschoolers can make many of these crafts by you simply prepping some of the steps. If they can’t cut yet, have it cut and ready and let them do the painting and glueing. Some of the more simple ones for toddlers and preschoolers to do are the ones that are hand or footprint crafts. Let them dip their foot in the paint and they will be thrilled!

  • How do you make cute bees?

One way to make bees look cute is by simply changing the look of their eyes or face? Did you know they make some really cute colorful googly eyes and even googly eyes with eyelashes? Doing something like this will turn that bee face into something cute! You can even add some blush to make their cheeks look a little pink.

How do you make a simple 3D bee?

  • To make a 3D craft start with something like a paper towel roll, toilet paper roll or a paper cup or bowl!

How do you make bumble bee wings?

  • You can use something translucent, like a milk jug. Cut wings out of a milk jug and then paint them with some clear glitter paint for an even better look!

How do you make a bumble bee easy?

  • There are many option for these bee crafts that start with a free printable. That will give you a template to go off of, and it’s something easy for the kids to follow. One of the easiest things I’ve found to do with small children are paper plate crafts. They are easy for kids to paint and decorate!

Before you start crafting, gather supplies from craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Here you can go to your one stop shop for everything you need in craft supplies!

Bee Crafts for Kids

Looking for a fun bee craft for kids to make? Look no further.... we have the best ideas! From thumbprint bees, to 3D bees, to paper plate bumble bees, to bees that toddlers can make, there are so many fun ideas. Happy browsing!


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (2)

Paper Plate Bee Craft For Kids [Free Template]

Photo Credit:www.simpleeverydaymom.com

Paper plate crafts can be so much fun and something a little bit simpler if you're looking to craft with toddlers!


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (3)

Cute and Easy DIY Bee Puppets

Photo Credit:iheartcraftythings.com

How cute are these bees with tulle wings?! Plus, they make for hours of fun after crafting. 🙂


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (4)

Heart Bee Craft

Photo Credit:www.easypeasyandfun.com

This heart bee is great for a Valentine's Day craft, but it doesn't just have to be for that! You can make this bee craft when you're focusing on and learning the heart shape with toddlers and preschoolers.


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (5)


Cardboard Tube Bee Craft for Kids Using Yarn

Photo Credit:buggyandbuddy.com

This is a great activity to practice fine motor skills for littles by wrapping yarn around the toilet paper roll and creating a 3D bumblebee! So, save some empty toilet paper rolls and get crafting this!


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (6)

Bee Painted Rocks

Photo Credit:www.easypeasyandfun.com

Let the kids be creative and use their imagination to paint these bee painted rocks. You can use them for paper weights, decor, or leave them in hidden places around town for people to find!


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (7)

Paper Bag Bee Kids Craft

Photo Credit:iheartcraftythings.com

Paper bag crafts are always a big hit with kids since they have a puppet to play with and put on puppet shows for family and friends! And this fun bee paper bag craft is sure to bring lots of smiles!


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (8)

Wooden Spoon Bee Craft – Spoon Puppets

Photo Credit:www.easypeasyandfun.com

Not only is this a cute craft, but the kids will enjoy playing with these as little puppets, too!


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (9)

Popsicle Stick Bumble Bee Craft

Photo Credit:www.frugalmomeh.com

This bee craft is easy enough for toddlers. You can start with colored craft sticks or let the kiddos paint them. The transulent wings give them the perfect bee look!


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (10)

Create Your Own Beehive

Photo Credit:supersimple.com

This honeycomb bee scene craft is so adorable! The kids can make the scene and then have hours of creative fun using their imagination. 🙂


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (11)

Coffee Filter Bumble Bee Craft

Photo Credit:www.darcyandbrian.com

Coffee and filters and clothespins make these fun little bees!

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25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (12)

Awesome Recycled Bee Craft

Photo Credit:iheartcraftythings.com

This is a great way to use up things you already have and teach the kids about recycling!


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (13)

Cute Pom Pom Craft - How to make a pom pom bee

Photo Credit:mollymoocrafts.com

Do your little ones like to have pretend pets? If they do, this cute pom pom bee will be the perfect pretend little pet for them to tend to.


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (14)

Accordion Paper Bee Craft

Photo Credit:www.easypeasyandfun.com

Everyone probably remembers making some accordion fold craft as a kid, and when I saw this bumblebee craft, I thought how adorable is that! Doesn't he look like such a cute little guy? And, this is a great craft for practicing fine motor skills.


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (15)

B is for Bee Letter B Craft

Photo Credit:www.ourkidthings.com

One of my favorite crafts to do with preschoolers are letter crafts. Not only are you making a cool craft, but you can teach them a letter sound at the same time. That is a win! This bee craft is one of those!


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (16)

Yarn Wrapped Bumble Bee Craft – The Pinterested Parent

Photo Credit:thepinterestedparent.com

This is another bee craft that is good for kids working on fine motor skills. Yarn is another fun element to add to crafts, too!

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25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (17)

Potato Stamped Bumble Bee Craft

Photo Credit:www.123homeschool4me.com

Looking for a bee craft that is easy enough for toddlers? This potato stamped bee craft is something their little hands can do!


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (18)

Paper Cup Preschool Bumble Bee Craft Idea

Photo Credit:www.theinspirationedit.com

This is probably my favorite bee craft in this whole list! It has It has such a cute face!


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (19)

Bee Craft Template

Photo Credit:www.primarythemepark.com

This is another bee craft that is good for little hands. The torn paper makes it easy enough for something they can do!


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (20)

Bumble Bee Footprint Craft

Photo Credit:www.messylittlemonster.com

Footprint crafts are always a big hit with kids, and with this bumblebee footprint craft, they can add their own stripes and decorate it how ever they wish! Each child can make their bee their very own.


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (21)

3D Paper Bee Craft

Photo Credit:www.easypeasyandfun.com

Making a 3-D craft brings something so much more to life! These 3-D bees can be something for them to play with after making them!


(Video) DIY Clay Earrings #shorts

25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (22)

Honey Bee with Moving Wings Craft

Photo Credit:www.easy-crafts-for-kids.com

How fun is this bee craft with moving wings! It adds a whole new level of fun!


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (23)

Easy and Cute Paper Heart Bee Craft [Free Printable Template]

Photo Credit:www.mombrite.com

This would make a cute Valentine's Day craft, but it can be used any time you're looking for an insect craft or when you're learning about bees and how important they are to our ecosystem.


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (24)

Felt Bumble Bee Craft with Free Pattern

Photo Credit:www.mommymadethat.com

This is a bee craft that is a little more difficult and one older kids will enjoy creating!


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (25)

Bee Puppet with Printable Template -Fun and Easy summer craft for kids!

Photo Credit:iheartcraftythings.com

Kids will have fun flying and fluttering these bee straw puppets! Get ready for them to enjoy lots of fun after making these!


25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (26)

Handprint Bee Puppets

Photo Credit:kidscraftroom.com

Here's another handprint craft for you! Turn a handprint into an adorable little bee. 🙂

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25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (28)

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25 Bee Crafts for Kids - Six Clever Sisters (29)

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What is the easy bumble bee craft for toddlers? ›

Paper Plate Bees is another easy bee craft. Paint or color your unused paper plate yellow. Use a marker and paper cutouts to form the bumble bee's stripes, eyes, and mouth. Use blue paper cutouts to create the wings and finish with a pair of fuzzy wires for the antennas.

What can I make with bee fabric? ›

Woven and knitted fabrics with a bee pattern from our collection will work well as decorations for kitchen and garden furniture. The bee motif looks beautifully on tablecloths, organizers, covers and chair upholstery. A fabric with this pattern can also be used to make summer garments.

What is the easiest bee box? ›

Top Bar Hives are the simplest type of beehive that you can build. They are very forgiving and you can construct these out of materials that you have on hand. Not only are they the easiest to build, but they are also the easiest to maintain for new beekeepers.

How do you make a winter candy board for bees? ›

Pour sugar into a very large container and gradually add about half the water, stirring to wet the sugar well. Continue adding and mixing water until all the sugar is cakey, but not runny. Put newspaper or waxed paper under your candy board, and fill with sugar. Screen the sugar off level with the top of the board.

How do you make a toilet paper roll for a bee house? ›

Put string through the toilet paper roll and tie the string so it could be hung above the ground. 3. Cut hollow stems, bamboo or straws to 3.5 inch pieces. Since toilet paper rolls are about 4 inches long, the 0.5 inches of leftover space creates a roof that will protect entryway for bees.

How do you make a bee for a school project? ›

Take an empty toilet paper roll and colour it with yellow colour and draw black thick strips on it as shown in the picture. Now make the wings of the honey bee out of paper and paste them on both sides of the toilet paper roll. Use black coloured paper strips as the antennae and draw the eyes using sketch pens.


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