How To Draw A Nintendo Switch Folding Surprise (2023)

05 Dec

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]hair friends turn your nintendo switch yeah a folding surprise nintendo switch when it's folded it'll look like the controller or the joy-cons are together in controller mode and then when it's unfolded you can see the screen and maybe even a video game yeah it's gonna be awesome we hope you're gonna follow along with us you need your drawing supplies we're gonna use markers you need some paper and some to go with yeah you're ready to start yes let's first fold our paper we're gonna take the top edge and line it up with the bottom edge and then crease it down the middle and out to the corners next let's take the top flap and fold it up to the top edge we do the same steps every time for our folding surprise projects so if you know how to do this you can skip ahead then let's flip over our paper and repeat that same step we'll take the flap the top flap line it up with the top edge crease it down the middle and out to the corners let's unfold the last step and flatten it out and we can flip over our paper now we're ready to draw but first let's put scratch paper underneath our drawing paper this will protect our table from getting marker on it usually we draw with our paper like this but let's switch it so it's going up and down now we're ready to use our markers but our paper should open up like this okay let's first draw let's draw the middle rectangle shape that our joy-cons are connected to so we're gonna start to the left of the fold and we're gonna draw a line straight down that matches the fold well i'm going to draw a big maybe this is full size yeah and then drop all the way yes now let's draw another line that matches but on the other side of the fold so we'll start in the same spot draw a straight line down i'm going to draw it a little bit longer on each side just to match you could also draw yours a little longer also maybe down to here just a little bit longer now let's connect the top of the two lines together i started on the right side so that it's easier to draw across the fold and we'll do the same thing on the bottom now we have a rectangle shape now let's draw our first joy-con on the left side we're going to draw a short straight line at the top really short we can also do that same short line down at the bottom so that it matches then we're going to curve out to the left and then come straight down and then curve into the bottom good job let's do the same thing on the right side short line out on both sides top and bottom and then let's draw that same curve on the right side for the other joy-con we'll come down and then curve into the bottom awesome good job austin now let's draw the buttons let's first draw a circle on the top of the left one now let's draw a circle on the right side but it's kind of right in the middle of the joy-con then let's draw the direction pad or the extra buttons over here we're going to draw them smaller so there's one i can draw another one right below it and then another one on the left and also on the right that could have been a little higher but that's all right let's draw a little square down here right below it picture button the picture button the one you use a lot yeah well not that much there's also a minus sign up here now let's also draw the x y b and a buttons over here i'm going to draw another small button or circle the same size as these circles over here i can draw one right below it one to the left and also the right let's also draw the home button down here then the last button is the plus button at the top let's draw a tall rectangle shape first and then we can draw a rectangle shape going the other direction too and when we're all done we can color that in so it should look like a plus when we color our nintendo switch we'll color all of the buttons black but let's go ahead and open up our paper and we can flatten it out we have the paper turned this way on purpose it makes it a little easier to connect the top down to the bottom we're going to draw a big long straight line let's do the same thing on the right side it's a little easier to draw that straight line when you pull it towards your body good job now we can turn it sideways what should we draw next the screen yeah let's draw the screen i'm going to draw it just to the right of this fold i'm going to start right about here and we're going to draw a straight vertical line down and stop so that the space here matches the space up here and we drew it on the right side of the fold that way when the whole thing is folded up it's it'll be hidden yeah now let's do the same thing on the right side and we want to match this same line over here but this time we're going to draw the straight line on the left side of the fold so i'm going to start here and then we'll draw a straight line straight vertical line down and stop in the same place so that it matches now let's turn our paper back so it's going up and down let's draw a straight vertical line that connects the top of the screen or the side of the screen down to the bottom and we'll do the same thing on the right side look at that look how straight your lines look and you're not even using a ruler awesome we did it we finished drawing our nintendo switch it looks really cool except we still need to color it yeah this is my favorite part we are going to fast forward so remember to pause the video and take time to color your drawings also you could do a blue joy-con and a red one or you could change them so they're just gray yeah they could just be the dark gray what else could our art friends add to the screen like mario you could add splatoon yeah you could add your favorite video game on the inside also i totally forgot before we color let's add the left and right buttons we can add a little line that goes straight up on both sides just a really short line over here too and then we're going to draw another short line coming out on the corner and then we can connect those two lines together just follow the shape of the joycon around to the top or the other straight line and you can also color that in i'm going to do the same thing over here we'll just match the same corner curve come around and then color it in all right are you ready to fast forward now yeah let's do it awesome we did it we finished drawing our nintendo switch it looks so cool folded up and in the joystick mode or the play mode what do you call it controller mode yeah i noticed also that in the controller mode there are the little handles that come out to the side but we left those off that's okay should we show our friends what's inside yeah all right on the count of three one two three mario it's me how are you i love how your drawing turned out it looks so cool we added mario to the middle but you guys could add whatever game your favorite game to the screen like animal crossing or zelda yeah oh those would be really cool we hope you had a lot of fun drawing your nintendo switch folding surprise we hope you had a lot of fun that's a long sentence and we hope you take extra time to add more things to the screen when you open it up we'll see you later our friends goodbye<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="" alt="How To Draw A Nintendo Switch Folding Surprise" /></figure>rn<!-- /wp:image -->[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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