Shirt Tucked In Vs Untucked For Men – Style & Fashion – Hiscraves (2024)

Shirt Tucked In Vs Untucked For Men – Style & Fashion – Hiscraves (1)

Shirts are versatile clothing in the men’s wardrobes, functioning as an essential part of your regular office attire and a necessary piece for any official event. Flat-bottom hem shirts can be worn as untucked shirts. However, if the shirt’s “tails” are visible, implying the hem is not uniform in length, then you must tuck in the shirt. Rugby shirts, henleys, Hawaiians, and short-sleeved shirts are all acceptable options for wearing untucked shirts. Instead, wear a polo shirt tucked into the pants. In this blog, we will cover how to tuck in a shirt. Additionally, we explain how to wear a shirt untucked and when to shirt tucked in style.

How to Wear a Shirt Untucked Properly?


  • How to Wear a Shirt Untucked Properly?
  • Factors to Consider to Wear your Shirt Untucked
      • 1. Consider the Shirt Length
      • 2. Perfect Fit
      • 3. Look for a Wrinkle-free Option
      • 4. Add Your Own Style
  • How to Properly Tuck in a Shirt?
  • Effective Ways- How to Tuck in Shirt Properly
      • 1. The Basic Tuck
      • 2. The Military Tuck
      • 3. The Underwear Tuck
      • 4. Shirt Stays

A shirt worn untucked needs to fit properly. We are aware that they appear more relaxed than a shirt tucked in, but it does not mean you should choose a shirt with a looser fit. As you can’t just tuck the additional fabric into the inside of your trousers and belt it tight, it actually makes it more difficult to fix a baggy fit. Untucked shirts won’t be perfect for the office because they look too casual. But you can wear an untucked shirt in many different ways. Here is a simple guide on how to look perfect when wearing an untucked shirt.

Factors to Consider to Wear your Shirt Untucked

Here are some factors to consider to wear an untucked shirt-

1. Consider the Shirt Length

The shirt’s length is the determining factor in whether or not it can be worn untucked. To maintain a polished appearance when wearing an untucked shirt, it is essential to get the hemline just right. The most flattering shirt length is right at the middle of your zipper, with a little bit of your pocket showing. Because the cloth has been pre-treated, the length will not change with each wash.

2. Perfect Fit

Shirt Tucked In Vs Untucked For Men – Style & Fashion – Hiscraves (3)

The simplest way to always look fantastic is to wear a shirt that fits your body properly. A shirt appears clumsy if it is overly baggy. It might not look well If it’s too tight. Selecting a shirt that is fitted to your body is the perfect fit. Just what does that imply? Few indicators are present. Shirt seams should rest on top of the shoulder, not on the arms. Two fingers should be able to fit the collar when it is buttoned. And when you’re standing, the additional shirt fabric around your hips should not be any longer than three or four inches.

3. Look for a Wrinkle-free Option

Shirt Tucked In Vs Untucked For Men – Style & Fashion – Hiscraves (4)

A casual shirt looks better if it has been ironed. Try to find shirts that are wrinkle-free so you can skip ironing them. The shirts only need to be hung up when they have dried; no ironing is required.

4. Add Your Own Style

Shirt Tucked In Vs Untucked For Men – Style & Fashion – Hiscraves (5)

Untucked shirts are among the most versatile items a man may have in his closet. Having a few drinks with some buddies? Just cuff your sleeves. However, they look good tucked into a cosy sweater. Additionally, untucked shirts look fantastic at social gatherings worn under a jacket or unbuttoned shirt over t-shirt. In other words, an untucked shirt can be styled in any way for any place you wish to go.

How to Properly Tuck in a Shirt?

You should generally keep tuck in your shirt because it is how society usually sees a well-dressed man. Wearing a shirt that fits you perfectly will make things a lot simpler for you. Here are four options for how to keep a shirt tucked in.

Effective Ways- How to Tuck in Shirt Properly

Here are four tips on how to tuck in a shirt male-

1. The Basic Tuck

Tucking your shirt beneath your pants is the most basic and classic tucked in shirt style. The way you do it is by putting on and fastening your shirt. To the final touch, bring your trousers up to your shirttails and button them together. This technique works best with fitting shirts and provides a very basic option.

2. The Military Tuck

As the name implies, the military tuck comes from the military-inspired style. Traditionally, this is how the military tucked in uniform shirts. Keep your trousers up and unbuttoned, then pinch the excess fabric at the sides to create a strong diagonal crease. After that, you may tuck pleats under the hips and belt your trousers over the top of them. This way is really easy to use and works best for shirts that are too large at the waist.

3. The Underwear Tuck

This isn’t the way of suggesting that you wear your undershirt below the underwear. In actuality, you’d have to wear your undershirt into your underpants. Genuinely, this affects how securely the shirt will stay tucked. The next step is to wear your shirt and your pants.

In warmer climates countries, like Thailand it would be impractical to wear an undershirt, so this method wouldn’t work. This would be a practical choice that can be made even better by putting specialized underpants with a sticky waist, in the chilly countries.

4. Shirt Stays

The last method is using shirt stays. The efficient way to keep your shirt tucked in is to wear shirt stays. They look like shirt stays you may wear over your shirt. They are worn by attaching one end to one’s stockings and the other end to one’s shirt. Using shirt stays will keep tuck in your shirt tightly as the bands are adjustable, which won’t limit your ability to move. It takes some time to get used to and learn how to put it on correctly if you’ve never done it before.

The effectiveness of this shirt tucked in style will also rely on the pants you are putting on, as the shirt tucked into jeans no matter what type are skinny or tight jeans will be noticeable to onlookers.

Now that you know how to wear a shirt and how to properly tuck in a shirt. Dress shirts should always be worn tucked in while it’s acceptable to untucked shirts that are casual and those with short sleeves. When in doubt, double-check your hem.

I am a menswear enthusiast with a profound understanding of the principles and nuances of dressing well. My expertise extends to the various styles of shirts and the art of wearing them, be it tucked or untucked. Let me provide you with insights into the concepts used in the provided article.

Shirt Styles:

  1. Flat-Bottom Hem Shirts: These shirts are versatile and can be worn untucked. However, if the "tails" or hem is uneven, it's advisable to tuck in the shirt.
  2. Rugby Shirts, Henleys, Hawaiians, and Short-Sleeved Shirts: These are mentioned as acceptable options for wearing untucked shirts, providing a more casual look.
  3. Polo Shirts: The article suggests wearing polo shirts tucked into pants, indicating a more formal or polished appearance.

How to Wear a Shirt Untucked:

  1. Shirt Length: The length is crucial; it's recommended to have the hemline around the middle of the zipper, showing a bit of pocket for a polished appearance.
  2. Perfect Fit: Emphasizes the importance of a well-fitted shirt, not too baggy or too tight, with indicators like shoulder seams resting on top of the shoulders and collar fitting comfortably.
  3. Wrinkle-Free Option: Suggests choosing shirts that are wrinkle-free for a neat and casual look.
  4. Adding Style: Highlights the versatility of untucked shirts, providing various styling options for different occasions.

How to Properly Tuck in a Shirt:

  1. The Basic Tuck: The most traditional method, involving tucking the shirt into the pants and buttoning them together. Suitable for well-fitting shirts.
  2. The Military Tuck: Originating from military style, involves creating a diagonal crease by pinching excess fabric at the sides. Ideal for shirts that are too large at the waist.
  3. The Underwear Tuck: Involves tucking the shirt into the underwear for a secure fit. This method may not be practical in warmer climates.
  4. Shirt Stays: Recommends using specialized shirt stays to keep the shirt tucked in. Adjustable bands ensure a secure fit without limiting movement.

The article concludes by reiterating the importance of wearing dress shirts tucked in for a more formal look and allowing untucked shirts for casual and short-sleeved options. The overall message emphasizes the significance of proper fit, style, and attention to detail in achieving a well-dressed appearance.

Shirt Tucked In Vs Untucked For Men – Style & Fashion – Hiscraves (2024)
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